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Alton Park Development Corporation
2nd Annual BLACK HISTORY MONTH Parade & Celebration
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“We Shall Overcome”

Dear Parade Participant and Sponsors,

The Alton Park Development Corporation is proud to sponsor the Chattanooga Black History Month Parade and Historical Plaque Dedication Ceremony on Saturday February 8, 2014. Please visit our “Events” page for details.

We are accepting donations to help defray the cost of the parade ( i.e., Police officers, barricades, etc.)


  Alton Park Development Corporation

Events Arun Gandhi visits Alton Park

“A Forgotten Community

Recently, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, visited the Alton Park community of Chattanooga, Tennessee to encourage the people there in their efforts toward peace and nonviolence.

“It is a forgotten community,” as Dr. Elenora Woods, D.D.S., and Executive Director of the Alton Park Community Development Corporation calls it. “But we have big plans for Alton Park.”

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